What Happens When God Speaks

Guest Contributor: Madison Ward

I was raised a strictly Catholic girl, attending Catholic school from preschool through the end of high school, going to Mass 2 times a week – once on Sunday and once at school. We prayed before we ate and I completed all of my sacraments on time. However, even after all of these religion classes, ceremonies, and memorization, I still felt disconnected from God. I knew He was there, but I didn’t know how to trust Him. When something bad happened, how could I believe that it was for the greater good and someone out there had a higher plan for me and my life?

Going into college, I tried to go to Church more, I tried to read more devotionals, I tried to look at my Bible and always keep it close by, but I always felt like something was missing. What did I realize I was missing, you ask? I was missing the desire to truly rely on God, the desire to be close to Him, and the desire to give my life to Him in its entirety. I was doing all of these things out of obligation or what some people may call "the Catholic guilt."

I decided that something needed to change, but I still didn’t know what. A friend of mine at the time that attended my Church and went to my school told me that she was going to try a new Church, a nondenominational Christian Church in our area. I was skeptical and if you know me, you know I hate change, but I felt like something was pulling me that way. I decided to go.

After service, I fell in love. It was like nothing I had ever been to, being raised a devout Catholic. But something there spoke to me. I felt instantly at peace and lifted by the Word. I understood the sermon and didn’t feel like a foreign language was being spoken at me. I felt like the pastor speaking knew everything about my life and was speaking directly to me about my life and my circumstances.

It was truly something I had never experienced before – lots of young people, lots of upbeat songs, a long and inspirational sermon, and the feeling of everyone’s want to be there. They truly were in touch with God and themselves no matter where they were in their lives and what was standing in their path.

The inspiration of others around me and the impact an atmosphere can make is unbelievable. The moral of this story is to change what you can change and what you want to change. You are never stuck. Commit your heart to God and follow Him, always.

About Madison Ward: Hello! My name is Madi. I am a full-time college student, as well as an “almost” full-time nanny. I guess you could say I’m just a little bit busy, but I could never do what I do without God. I rely on Him, I trust Him, and I try my best to center my life around Him. I mean, nobody is perfect. College has not been an easy feat for me, changing my mind every so often and trying to find my way, but God has put me on the best path for me and I am so eternally grateful. Hope you enjoy my article and check out my blog from the link provided! Blog: allthingsmw.home.blog

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