I Dreamed You and I Desired You: God's Hand in the Impossible

Guest Contributor: Hilda Jimenez

I dreamed you and I desired you.

Nine years ago I could only dream about you. Today, you’re an energetic five year old that reminds me of how good God is.

Have you ever dreamed of something without thinking about how hard it would be to achieve?

When my husband and I decided to have kids, all I could think of was, how cute they would be, who would they look like, and how much I wanted them to be calm like my husband.

Turns out, I had a bit of a hard time getting pregnant with my first.
I was diagnosed with PCOS, a hormonal disorder causing ovarian cysts. I would go months without my monthly cycle. This is when we began to pray for a child. I remember shortly after presenting my petition to God, I dreamed of someone telling me I would be pregnant with a boy and his name would be Lucas. This was the promise I needed, this is where my crazy faith began.

Shortly after this dream, I received a phone call from a friend saying, "I had a dream you were pregnant with a baby boy, and I believe God wants you to start getting his room ready."

My husband and I began to buy things for Lucas even though I was not yet pregnant. He would also speak to my belly and say, "Hello Lucas, mommy and daddy are waiting for you. We love you."

We moved into our new home June 2013 and on July 2013 we found out we were pregnant. Almost 3 months pregnant to be exact.

My pregnancy went extremely well and on March 11, 2014 my promise was born via C-section.

Today, he is five years old, full of energy and curiosity. With his mommy’s temper and daddy’s sweet heart. His mommy’s face and daddy’s big smile.

On our bad days God uses him to shape me and form me, and on our good days he reminds me of God’s sweet love.

He has the best laugh and the funniest giggles. He is the the tallest one in his classroom. He is also the first grandchild on his daddy’s side but spoiled and loved by both families.

If you dream of something big, do not allow what seems to be impossible to stop you. Did we cry during the process? Yes! Did we get upset at times? Absolutely. But not once did God stop being God. And not once did He take his promise back.

I encourage you to have crazy faith and to walk and act on what seems impossible. Holding on to the hand of God.

Today my husband and I are parents to two amazing little boys, Lukas and Mikael. And we are also pregnant with our third son, Ezekiel.

Each one of them has a different story and a different reason as to why God sent them to us when He did.

About Hilda Jimenez: Hilda Jimenez is a 27 year old mommy of three boys, wife to an amazing husband for eight years, and Youth Pastor at CIF Deltona - Chosen Generation Youth Ministry.

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