How to Move from Paralyzed Fear to Powerful Faith

LaVonda McCullough is a passionate woman of God who teaches women how to walk in their God-given purpose through coaching, writing, and speaking. Earlier this year, she wrote a testimony on her blog of how her family moved from Paralyzed Fear to Powerful faith. It's an amazing testimony that reminds us of the amazing grace and love of God!

She encourages us that when facing difficult moments, we should “move from Fear to Faith,” and she reminds us that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is all powerful. He sustains us and protects us. And God still heals, even today! Don't lose faith, don't lose hope. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus even through the storm.

LaVonda's story is a moving testimony and we wanted to share a portion of it in today's post.


Have you ever questioned God or ever experienced a moment of wondering, “Why God?” “God, if you love me, why is this happening?” These questions raced through my mind one summer afternoon.

“Mama, something is wrong,” Gabrielle said in a raspy voice on the other end of the telephone. “My face feels “_weird_” it’s numb, and I can’t feel anything.” Naturally, I was alarmed and immediately called the doctor. My thoughts were scattered and I was fearful of what was happening to our daughter.

A few hours later, we were advised to head to the emergency room immediately. We arrived, and the staff began to perform various tests. Nothing could explain the paralysis.

We were asked countless questions to try and pinpoint what could have caused this sudden change in her body. Twenty-four hours earlier, she was healthy with no signs of any illness, and now she wakes up paralyzed.

How does this happen? God, what are you doing?

“Mom, what did I do to cause this to happen to me?” she asked.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” I replied.

We serve a God of grace. He does not sit in heaven, waiting for us to mess up or do something wrong to punish us.

God is a God of Love (1 John 4:8).

We prayed and solicited prayers for our daughters’ healing. We continued to walk in faith.
Who Gabrielle saw in the mirror did not cause her FAITH to waiver or her love for God.  Her faith was incredible. She continued to speak God’s Word and would say, “I Believe God.” Despite, the saliva that would come down the side of her mouth without her knowing, the looks and stares – she remained positive.
We attended a church service while visiting with friends. The Pastor said, “There’s someone here who is having a problem in the area, of their head – if that’s you, please stand.”

Our reserved and quiet daughter stood up. The minister asked her, “Do you believe God will heal you?” We looked across the room, astonished at what was happening. She responded, “Yes!
The Pastor then asked for the young man standing next to her to stand up ~ he did. He was asked, “Do you believe God will heal this young woman?” He responded, “Yes, she is my twin sister.”

We all extended our hands of faith toward Gabbie, while Jordan placed his hands on her head. The Pastor prayed, and immediately, the nerves in her face responded.
Eye’s full of tears! She Praised and Worshipped God!

The paralysis was gone and she was able to smile and fill her cheeks with air, which was impossible weeks ago. That evening she even returned to playing her bass clarinet.

My faith was challenged. No matter how tough it became, I continued to believe God for her healing. When it was getting tougher day by day with no change, I had to hold on to God’s promises. God’s Word does not return void.


Amen, love this story! God is real and He is still at work. He takes care of His children. Hold on to God's promises. His Word does not return void.

Now... this is only a portion of her story. We want to encourage you to read the full blog on LaVonda's website: Please go and check it out!

She has supported Panem Project and celebrated the launch of this blog post with our Faith Over Fear Tee! Thank you Lavonda for being an inspiration, sharing your testimony, and supporting the mission of Panem Project. We love you!

About Lavonda McCullough: LaVonda McCullough is the founder of Joyful Journey, a women's ministry based in Stuttgart, Germany.​ She has a passion for inspiring and equipping women in the word of God through her blog, teaching the Bible & Brunch Study series, prayer walks, and hosting her Annual RefresHER Women's Retreat.​ A survivor of depression, she has taught others how to embrace their identity in Christ by developing an intimate relationship through confession, scripture, and praying.​ She has a special place in her heart for the women of Uganda and enjoys traveling throughout Europe and Asia. She received her Doctor of Divinity from the Christian University of Southern Indiana. She is married to her college sweetheart and together they have three children. @lavondamccullough

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